Artistic approach

My primary motivation is linked to the need to feel emotions. It is to reach such a secret that I seek a whole spiritual anteriority which will justify it. When I paint, it is primarily to be in tune with my soul.

My painting is a vector of everyone’s intimate, a trigger for emotions and feelings that are often overlooked.

Unveiling my work, during exhibitions, is to make everyone discover, emotions often buried under a chappe of prejudices.
It is to offer to each being, to access his soul. Become aware of your true personality.

The participation in two exhibitions in the European cultural centers Sete Sóis Sete Luas (Pontedera in Italy and Ponte de Sor in Portugal), allowed me to take up a challenge which touched at the same time on the organizational character of the exhibition of my works , as well as a relational character, having the opportunity to lead creativity workshops in the places that hosted my work.

These workshops allowed me to make students aware that it was not this or that pictorial technique that was essential but rather the state of creation in which we find ourselves, from the first brushstroke on paper or the white canvas.
This state that connects us directly to our soul, to our inner resonance. With the help of Chinese ink and nut husks, I was able to demonstrate this.

Not having a sufficiently rich vocabulary and being sensitive to the vibrations of color, shapes and signs, my choice is naturally oriented towards painting. This allowed me to discover what was in the making deep inside me and to exteriorize it.
 The same goes for anyone. The main thing is to find the tool that allows you to express yourself and that in any field (writing, music, cooking ….)
 -All is art, when practiced with passion.

 The important thing is what we believe in, it is the beliefs that we defend, despite the passing fads. Accept the path on which our sensitivity leads us.

Paint in order to discover yourself and take on your differences without worrying about fashions. To exist.

I am modestly a light smuggler. This same light generating a sensitivity that lives in each of us that we listen to too little and that we ignore very often.

While reflecting on the progress of my research, I found myself having thoughts close to those that prehistoric men painting in caves might have. They with the tools and pigments at their disposal, I with modern painting.
 Human sensitivity linked us.

My painting is an invitation to leave the intelligible world by the side of the road to let yourself be carried towards a sensitive world. There is no question here of losing by pompous and meaningless speeches those who will go to his work.
It is emotion and not reflection.

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