Introspection and action


The isolated abstract forms are intended for the construction of the whole composition. They must fit into the canvas in its entire resonance. How much is the inner resonance of the given form highlighted or veiled because in the arts what one veils has enormous power. The combination of what is veiled and what is highlighted will be a new possibility of the compositions of forms.

The artist is the hand which, by its proper use of the touch (movement of the brush producing a shape), sets the human soul in vibration – Kandinsky.
It is therefore clear that the harmony of shapes and colors must be based solely on the principle of coming into contact with the human soul (of the artist during the execution of the work,
and the spectator during exhibitions).
This principle is defined by Kadinsky as « Principle of inner necessity ».
It is the same for the creation of the color which must also enter into the vibration felt by the artist.
Introspection is a form of meditation. This meditative state, which I try to reach in order to give free rein to creation, what I call « letting go ». Nothing exists between the spirit and the work, both are linked by the arm and the hand. Then comes the first contact of the brush with the canvas. From that moment on, the adventure that unites
action reaction.
A dialogue between the canvas and me.


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