What if the soul painted itself …

by Sylvie Amigo-Soulet – Galerie 21 – Toulouse

Raymond Attanasio, at Galerie 21 de Balma, takes us to an intrinsic world.
The Impressionists are often thought of as the great representatives of an optimism where man is satisfied with the world around him.
Like painters expressing joy and their internal happiness.

But the real subject of these artists was for the most part light: interior or exterior, whatever it was, was above all the most immaterial of atmospheric phenomena.
The forms dissolve in the clarity, they are nothing more than shadows awakened by the light of a transitory and fleeting life.
When Raymond Attanasio translates his subjective perceptions, dematerialized impressions, he allows us to get out of this substantial slavery.
It allows us to move on to personal reading, confidential at the limit of exclusivity.
Faced with his painting we come to the shores of our own reality.
Perhaps for some it will be the passport to an intestine revelation, that moment when nothing or anyone can change your path, that brief moment when the interval of the temporal rhythm becomes deaf.

So, we could perhaps say that Raymond paints his soul …


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